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Brand New 3 Bed, 2 Bath Home in Playa Pelada Just a 5 Minute Walk from the Beach – UNDER CONTRACT

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Playa Pelda, Section C, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Property Details

  • Beds 3
  • Baths 2
  • Area 1000 sq. meters
  • Bldg. Size 1500 sq. ft.

Property Description

This environmentally conscious house was just recently finished in August of 2017. The
property is located near La Luna restaurant and is within a five-minute walk to the
beach. The house is built with young Melina glu-lams which means that the structure is
from renewable, plantation grown wood. The growing, harvesting, and processing of the
wood provides jobs and economic activity here in Costa Rica. The roof is a composite
mixture of recycled plastic and sand.  Kiln dried Glu-lams, due to their engineering, will
never split, twist, curve, or crown like solid woods. They also provide a very colorful mix
of hardwoods.
The combination of the SIP (structurally insulated panels) and the roofing system
including R-foil, a reflective foil that bounces out 97% of radiant heat (imported from
Canada), provide for an incredibly well insulated home (R 15 or better). The elevated
glu-lam floor structure provides various benefits including a crawl space access for
maintenance to be done or additions in the future without a major level of destruction to
existing material, expenses, and pain.  All windows and sliding glass doors are made of
PVC, so there will not be any issues with rust or oxidation from high salt content from
the close proximity to the ocean.  The exterior decking is Cortez Amarillo (IPE), a
gorgeous and incredibly strong and hard surface to withstand foot traffic.
The home has a gas network that fuels hot water and the oven and or BBQ. This
reduces electrical consumption drastically while being extremely safe as the fuel tanks
are separated from the living area as well. The two on-demand gas water heaters
provide quick hot water through the PEX plumbing system.  PEX is used throughout the
USA because of its incredible "no leaking" - unlike standard PVC tubing used
predominantly in CR. Dedicated waterlines drastically reduce the amount of abandoned
hot water while providing fast delivery and constant pressure to the water system.
Many of the tall trees were left on-site because of the need for monkey habitat.
The septic system is a two tank system.  First, is the "trash tank" which receives all
material from the house and initiates microbial breakdown of solids.  From this tank, the
effluent goes into a biodigester filled with small pebbles.  In this tank, microbes continue
to break down the liquids until it ends up in the drainfield.  Many hotels do not have this
much septic on-site.  Cost was approx $8k.


Playa Pelda, Section C, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.